Sunday, August 2, 2009

Test Driving Edmodo

With the emergence of Twitter this past year as a mainstream source for news (Iran and Venezuela), updates from government officials, info from businesses, etc. I want to make sure my students understand microblogging. I do not feel comfortable having my 5th grade students set up individual twitter accounts, so I am planning on using the education friendly Edmodo.

Setting Up Accounts
I have already created my account and created my classes. Each class receives its own access code. As students create accounts on Edmodo (no e-mail address required!) they enter the access code to join their class.

Edmodo provides a calendar and a file management system along with the microblogging. While Edmodo lacks the @ and # that Twitter uses, it provides for them in a slightly different way. Instead of using @ to direct message someone, you can choose a specific person to send it to by choosing from a list. Instead of using a hashtag to create "groupings" on a specific topic, students can tag their posts (tweets). While these are slightly more cumbersome and a little less authentic, I believe students will still learn the fundamentals of microblogging that will easily transfer to twitter or plurk.

Edmodo - Home via kwout

Classroom Ideas

  • Resource Sharing - ie: You are doing a project on the Oregon Trail, find a website that you would recommend to others to use for this project. Briefly, in about 15 words, summarize the website/why you would recommend it.
  • Submitting final products - students could message you directly and attach their file
  • Bell-ringer activity/Exit Ticket activity - students respond to a prompt at the beginning of class or the end of class
  • Reminders - remind students about project deadlines, tests, homework
  • Online Discussions - discuss books, current events, music, etc.
I'm sure that I will discover more about Edmodo as I begin to use it with students this year. Look for a future post about additional features I am not yet aware of and more ideas for use in the classroom.

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Mrs. Edwards said...

I am also thinking about trying edmodo at my school this year. Love the usage ideas in this post. Thanks for sharing! (I found this post on twitter) :)

Miss M said...

Thanks Mrs. Edwards! I would love to hear how you use edmodo with your students this year! (thanks for the RT on twitter I look forward to following your tweets)