Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Books Lists Made Fun

I always love finding new ways to promote reading with my students. So, I have slowly been adding to my web2.0 repetoire of book and reading websites.
22books is one of my new favorites. 22books allows you to create book embeddable book lists. The site is very easy to use and plans on offering more features in the near future (ability to share lists, blog lists, etc.)

List Ideas
1. summer reading lists
2. author book lists
3. genre book lists
4. new books in the library
5. books I would like to read
6. books similar to ______________ .
7. books that make use of

Classroom Ideas
1. If students project is to create a wikipage for a school project, have them embed a list on a wiki with books that go along with the topic of the page
2. Have students create lists of books that display a specific literature element
3. Let students create list of books that caught their attention after book talking
4. Let students just have fun with it!

In the future they plan on providing users with the opportunity to blog their lists. So, for now, here a direct link to the list I created for students who have read all the books from the Twilight series and are looking for similar reads. If you would like to see an embedded version of the list, you can see it here on my wikispace.


MrsE said...

That's a great site I didn't know about. Thanks for sharing it. I have recently started a wiki for my own library (had to give up on the district's product - too slow and not enough features) and I'm looking for ways to engage the kids. Books Lists Made Fun looks like a perfect addition. http://seycovelibrary.wikispaces.com
Thanks also for the link to prezi on the WebFooted Booklady. Comments are rare and much appreciated!

Miss M said...

My library wiki is a true work in progress. I really enjoyed seeing yours; it is well organized and looks great!