Thursday, February 19, 2009

Podcasting - Step 2


Last Week
In a post a week ago, I chronicled the first step in the seventh grade scence alternative energy video podcast project.

This Week
To facilitate the students' research, the science teacher created a worksheet packet which is posted on her website. This packet includes requirements, a research guide, and a storyboard template.

Students spent about 4 class periods researching alternative energy sources and finding pictures relating to alternative energy. After they finished filling out their research guide, the students had to write out a script for their podcast (minimum 1 1/2 pages long). Finally, before they were ready to begin, the students created a storyboard of their video podcast.

The science teacher brought her students to the library to record the audio portion of their podcasts using Audacity. After the first class, we realized that we needed to give them a limit of 3 chances at recording. We found that they would record, and being not quite satisfied with it, re-record again, and again, and again. I originally had thought we could get the recording completed in 10-12 minutes, but it ended up taking the entire period. Luckily I had the laptops, microphones, and headphones all set up for the students before they came to the library. When the students arrived, I did a quick tutorial on how to use Audacity and let them begin recording. The students were excited about recording and they had a great time!

Next Week
On Monday, the science classes will be down to the library again. They will be importing their audio and pictures into moviemaker (my solution to creating video podcasts without macs) and uploading their finished product to a ning. More about that on Monday!

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