Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You Don't Need to Break the Bank

Podcasting has been my big push this year. So, I was upset when I found out that SoundSnap, my favorite website for downloading free copyright-friendly music and sound effects, was changing their policy. As of the last week, SoundSnap now requires users to create an account. Also, each account receives only 5 free downloads a month. Not very clssroom friendly.

To be honest, I was slightly devastated. I did not know of any website that could replace it. However, I was determined to find a replacement site. So, I began scouring the web and I found a great alternative. Royalty Free Music offers a free library of their professional quality music and sound effects to schools.

Here is a flyer that provides all the information necessary to sign-up to receive free access to this music library. After e-mailing the company with my information and then posting a link to their website on my site, I was given a username and password to provide to my students - no creating accounts and no cost - just free music/sound effect downloads!

Move over SoundSnap . . . here comes Royalty Free Music!


Larry said...

What's wrong with paying for the sound you use. Someone had to take the time to make it. Do you work for free?

Mark said...

I would agree with Larry for advertising agencies and professional video production but that's kind of harsh in regards to teachers no?
They have a hard enough time teaching their kids with low pay and minimal resources.

Here are some more links to free royalty free music and sound effects:

You can download thousands of free sound effects for your school projects on this site:
Free Royalty Free Sound Effects

A big selection of royalty free music loops available free for personal and commercial purposes, all teachers are welcome and encouraged to use these:
Free Royalty Free Music Loops

This blog posts lots of free royalty free music and sound effects plus lots of links to other site that do the same:
Royalty Free Music Clips Blog

Miss M said...

I appreciate the discussion guys. It truly is a topic that teachers struggle with regularly. We want to challenge our students with authentic projects and have them create content, but we also want to respect copyright and intellectual property.

In a perfect world, money would not be a problem. However, the reality of the situation is, if I had to pay for music and sound effects, that would be the nail in the coffin for these projects.

So, I look for sites that are educator friendly and support schools by providing them with free access to services/products that do deserve to payment.

One of my hopes is that as students continue into college and the workplace, they will patronize those sites that helped them in school. In a sense, by providing free access to students, these sites are advertising and promoting goodwill with their future customers.

Mark said...

At www.partnersinrhyme.com we figure we are investing in our future as well as the students by making these resources available.

The student we give a free music tracks to today might be the Scorcese or Woody Allen of tomorrow.

I forgot one page that you might be interested in. It has free background video loops in a Christmas theme.
All high rez, available in NTSC and PAL and all free.

sanga said...

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